About the Twins

Perry and Terry have a working relationship with each together going back to the womb. The inseparable brothers spent 35 years working together in the manufacturing industry where they developed expertise in a wide variety of hands-on tasks. After retiring, Perry and Terry began volunteering in and around seniors’ facilities and caught the bug for handyman work.

Now, they’re helping anybody who needs it. With their know-how, skill, and a touch of elbow grease, the brothers are determined to help their community and neighbour with whatever needs doing around the house.

Need a helping hand (or a cup of sugar)?

Terry Harnack

In 1983, Terry began his career at Alberta Oil Tool, starting as a Sucker Rod Manufacturing Manager and eventually working his way up to the post of Executive Director at the organization’s parent company, Dover Corporation—a global manufacturer and solutions provider.

Despite taking on a role that required an encyclopedia’s-worth of know-how, Terry never stopped picking up skills and hobbies. A particular tipping point for Terry was teaching himself to do full-blown kitchen renovations. He knew he had a talent for renovation projects and decided to pursue them more seriously, becoming a certified home inspector along the way.

Perry Harnack

From day one, Perry and building went hand-in-hand. His first foray into construction as a kid was a full-blown obsession with fashioning working go-karts. Even back then, his knack for industrious hands-on work was evident. It was a sign of what was to come.

Beginning in 1985, Perry would spend the next 35 years working as the General Products Manufacturing Manager at Alberta Oil Tool. However, Perry cites the importance of “continuous learning” in his life. That is to say, he continued to develop a wide range of skills, becoming a certified electrician and a certified home inspector.